Potatoes and Pumpkins

For some people it may seem a bit early to think about what to serve at the end of this month, but for me planning for Thanksgiving dinner is an enjoyable process that I start as soon as the November issues of the cooking magazines appear.

By clicking here you will have access to a plethora of recipes for this year’s rare concurrence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving.

This collection, along with a list of interesting links to articles about the history and lore of both holidays, is the result of my work on a program recently presented at the KOH Library and Cultural Center in Sacramento. There are ideas for dishes for each of the holidays and some that are especially appropriate for the one day, November 28, when the two celebrations will converge.

If you have family or friends who are sensitive to dairy products, you will find many side dishes  designed for serving with turkey at a kosher meal (where it is prohibited to eat dairy products along with meat). There is even a non-dairy pumpkin cake.

Of course these delicious dishes don’t have to be limited to the November holidays. Many would be perfect for a Christmas feast–not to mention any other gathering of family and friends where good food is on the table.

Happy cooking!



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One thought on “Potatoes and Pumpkins

  1. Thanks Evie. I’ve been waiting for these. Everything looks great. I will be forwarding to some colleagues, and also to Mia/Andrea. I think I will try my hand at the chickpea pancakes! See you soon.

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