Decadent Passover Brownie Cupcakes

Important criteria in choosing a dessert for a Passover seder (the festive ritual meal served on the first two nights of the holiday) are ease of serving to a sizable number of guests, little or no last-minute preparation, and of course delicious flavor without being too heavy after a big and lengthy meal. For families who observe all the Jewish dietary laws, the dessert must not contain dairy ingredients unless the meal is a vegetarian one. These cupcakes meet all the criteria!   Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Plated Serving of CakeIVJPGI prepared this delicious dessert for a Passover seder we attended recently.  It is adapted from baker Fran Gage’s recipe on her website. The cake is a great choice for people with dairy allergies or sensitivity to gluten, those who are serving a kosher meat meal, or just any chocolate lover! If you prepare Fran’s original version, this becomes an almost flourless cake.

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