I’m a Guest–Just in Time for Passover!

Chocolate PB Bars Elise photo II

Photo by Elise Bauer

I am delighted to tell you that I am a guest contributor on Simply Recipes, the blog of my  good friend and neighbor, Elise Bauer.  We spent a few delicious hours in her spacious, cheerful kitchen concocting a new version of a favorite snack (and eating way too many of the elements and their combined results).

On Elise’s blog I offer Passover options for the featured recipe, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars, which include natural peanut butter. Peanuts have been approved for  Passover use by the Conservative branch of Judaism (the parent organization of my synagogue) for a number of years. As with so many questions of observance or abstinence, it is always best to consult your rabbi (or maybe the website of your particular denomination of Judaism) to determine what is officially kosher for Passover in your kitchen. As is often the case, an Internet search will reveal as many answers as there are questions about this issue!

While we haven’t tried them with another nut butter, this might be an option for people with allergies or religious objections to the peanut component. Please let us know if you have success with this alternative.

Whatever version you may try, I am sure you will enjoy these delectable treats.

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11 thoughts on “I’m a Guest–Just in Time for Passover!

  1. Almond butter is a very tempting substitute for peanut butter in this recipe and as soon as I try it, you’ll hear about the result. Thank you for this recipe!

    • I am eagerly awaiting the results of your trial. I only wish I could taste them as well as read about them. Thank you for helping me in my attempt to make this treat accessible to bakers or guests with food allergies!

      • Sounds wonderful, and since two sweet and sweets-loving grandchildren will be with us in Florida for Passover, I will definitely try them.

        Hag Sameach!

  2. David and I are lucky enough to be the chosen people who have a few samples of these treats safely stored in our freezer. Hurry up Pesach; we are eager to indulge. Evie, as Queen Experimenter of nut-butter options, I’ll be sure to conjure up some potential PB alternatives. But rest assured, my Extreme Garlic Brazil Nut Butter will not be one of them. Great to read your comment, Cora.

    • You must share your discoveries once your experiments have been executed! Thanks for the assurance that there will be no garlic!

  3. Those peanut butter bars are sure to be a wonderful addition on our Seder table.

  4. Came across your recipe from Elise’s blog; made this right away and just knew from the pictures these would be a hit. Made these for the second time today for guest coming over tonight (as per the request of my 13 year old!).
    Looking forward to sharing these with loved ones. And looking forward to following your blog.

    • My friend Elise has really made a difference in my circle of followers and I am very appreciative of her generosity! I am delighted that the PB bars were such a success at your house! Perhaps your 13-year-old might enjoy learning to make them.

  5. These chocolate peanut butter bars were a smash hit at this year’s Passover seder! I love adding something new and special each year/ The bars flew off the platter!

    • So happy that you and your family enjoyed the bars, Iris. I’ll try to find another special recipe for next year so that you can keep up your “something new and special” tradition at your Passover table.

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